Carlton stuns north melbourne at docklands

Carlton stuns north melbourne at docklands Updated A massive crush involving several vehicles caused delays for commuters in the North Melbourne CBD and Docklands when a car crashed into the traffic flow. Witnesses say at least two cars were on fire during the chaotic situation just before 2:30pm. Traffic was cut along the city’s southern edge between Docklands and the north, but resumed when the scene is clear. Southbound traffic is now being diverted between Darlin바카라g Street and Grand Parade agospelhitzs emergency바카라 crews clear away the wreckage. The city’s chief executive John Bradshaw says the road is still closed between Grand Parade and Grand Parade. “At this point everyone’s safe,” he said. Roads in both directions will remain closed until a police investigation is complete. The emergency services will be moving people along the Sydney Harbour Bridge northbound.