Sooner or later

Mat Kearney的(Sooner or later) 歌中唱道

We’re all standing with our backs against the wall, Sooner or later 或迟或早, coque iphone pas cher 退到无路可退 Waiting on a phone that never calls, coque iphone 6 at all 或迟或早,等一个永远不会来的电话 Heartbreak comes, rollin’ in like a storm, coque iphone pas cher Sooner or later 或迟或早,那样伤心,仿佛承受着风暴 Trying to swim but you’re sinking like a stone, coque iphone pas cher alone 或迟或早,想要游泳, coque iphone 2019 coque iphone xs max 却像石头一样沉下去 And I can feel fire in the night waiting here 黑夜中, coque iphone xr 等在这里,我感到内心在燃烧 Baby it’s like we’re walking on a wire through the fear 宝贝,我们的生活好像走钢丝, coque iphone 2019 pas cher coque iphone 令人恐惧 Take my hand, we’ll get there 那么, coque iphone xr 握着我的手, coque iphone en ligne soldes coque iphone 一切终会过去

此歌是Google公司制作的视频《2011热点回顾》(Zeitgeist 2011)的背景曲。


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